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The Silver Linings Playbook to a COVID-19 Elopement

From Berkshire foliage to botanical gardens to sunny California beaches to wine country, several locations came to Jasmine Chee's mind as she was planning her wedding to Alejandro Colon in the midst of a global pandemic. Yet, when asked if she wishes things went differently? She says she wouldn't have changed a thing. I had a chance to sit down (virtually, of course) with Jasmine to dish all the deets of her October elopement. This is her story. Buckle up. The Original Plan

How This #CoronaBride Became a Wedding Coordinator

My most frequently asked question: “Are you really going to start a business in an industry that was completely decimated by a global pandemic?” Answer: Hell yes I am. Put simply, I was among the lucky ones to be dubbed a #coronabride. A moment of silence for the brides navigating wedding planning during COVID-19… I commend you all and remember that no matter what the day shapes up to be, it will be the best damn day of your life. So, over my 14-month engagement I planned thr

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