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How This #CoronaBride Became a Wedding Coordinator

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

My most frequently asked question: “Are you really going to start a business in an industry that was completely decimated by a global pandemic?” Answer: Hell yes I am.

Put simply, I was among the lucky ones to be dubbed a #coronabride. A moment of silence for the brides navigating wedding planning during COVID-19… I commend you all and remember that no matter what the day shapes up to be, it will be the best damn day of your life.

So, over my 14-month engagement I planned three – yes, three – weddings adhering to the guidelines set in place on a weekly basis by the Massachusetts Governor. From a 150-person extravaganza to a 75-person intimate party to a 35-person private affair.

You’re probably thinking, how the hell did she do it? Well, you may be surprised to hear that I loved every. single. minute. of. it.

Excuse me, what? Allow me to explain. Several years of event planning experience throughout college and my professional career in corporate Public Relations never could have prepared me for the journey I was in store for. A late-night editing session of our minute-by-minute timeline in an excel spreadsheet isn't something that people often enjoy, but I did. Not only did I enjoy it, I thrived in it. And that isn't something that can be taught.

"No bar, no dancing. You're still going through with this?"

No problem. I'll still find a way to ensure a fabulous guest experience (and I did. Hint:

open bar, photobooth, fantastic music.)

"Did you see Governor Baker's new capacity announcement? Only 50 can gather outside."

Simple. We cut the list and notify those who we sent Save the Dates to with a nice card

notifying them of the intimate plans.

"You can only have 6 people gather at a time. How are you going to do that for the


Easy. We'll order row numbers for the ceremony space that also represent their table

number so guests will be with the people they'll be seated with at dinner.

Having to pivot quickly on my feet and not crumble under the pressure certainly had its challenges, but I found it exhilarating. And that's what prompted me to launch Natasha B Weddings. If I can use what I'm naturally gifted with in a way that helps the most important day in a bride's life come to fruition, then sign me up. I've got this.


Natasha B

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